Online Lessons

Online lessons are designed for students that cannot make it to our center near Grand Central in New York on a regular basis. Your lessons will happen through the computer, where we’ll connect with you via skype and one of our instructors will teach you as if you were here at our center. You’re still able to communicate orally and write / text to your instructor during the classes. All we ask is students have a reliable internet connection and a skype account.

Join a group class virtually

One of our most popular features for online is the option for any of our students to enroll in a regular group class through online. You don’t live in the New York Area and cannot physically be present in our classes? No problem, you can still take any of our classes like if you were physically present here.

For virtual students we setup a specific computer in the classroom. The computer has an HD camera attached to it that has a view of the whiteboard, instructor, and also any classmates that you’ll be doing activities with. We try our best to simulate the environment of

Please note this option is subject to availability per language, please contact us for further information.

Online individual lessons

If you’re looking for individual 1 on 1 lessons and cannot commute to the New York / Grand Central area, we can offer our individual lessons in an online format. For textbooks we will get these shipped to you when you order them through us, and for assessments / homework assignments we scan and send these to you via email. For other information on our individual lessons please see individual lessons.

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Online Lesson Testimonials

  • I think the class is great. It is a great alternative to not being able to be physically in the classroom. I enjoy being in the class and I really appreciate that the teacher is speaking Korean only in the classroom.

    Tara T

    Korean Group
  • The teacher is very helpful and patient. I am learning a lot.

    Eric W

    Cantonese Group
  • The online sessions are working out and it's great to be able to do them from home. So happy to see the grades on my assessment! Thank you to my teacher for having such as wonderful semester again.

    Anne L

    Thai Private
  • I'm having an awesome time, I really enjoy the class. And the online connection is good. The class is really clear and it allows for a lot of student participation. The teacher is doing a great job of pacing the material for everyone and helps to push us when we need it. I think she has a great classroom awareness and this works well for everyone.

    Matthew D

    Korean Group