Sayoko Maeshima

Japanese Teacher

Sayoko is very dedicated to her teaching craft, having been a teacher for over 15 years and taught all levels of students looking to learn Japanese. She has certificates of Japanese teaching proficiency, a BA from Osaka University of Arts, and also attended NYU. She has been with Hills Learning 8 years.

Ann Kim

Korean Teacher

Ann has a masters degree from NYU and vast experiences teaching Korean, such as at the New School and Korea Society. At Hills Learning she has been teaching for over seven years. She also has many years of corporate experience in working in Korean companies. 

Maki Fujita

Japanese Teacher

Maki has a masters degree from NYU and various experiences teaching Japanese. She holds certificates for teaching Japanese as a foreign language. She's currently Associate Director at Hills Learning. 

Kaoru Komi

Japanese Teacher

Kaoru has a strong international background, having lived and taught in Cambodia for 13 years and has learned to varying degrees the Cambodian, French, Vietnamese, Tibetan, Chinese and Korean languages. Besides teaching Kaoru has also worked for newspapers both in Tokyo and New York.


Prachak Seniwong

Thai Teacher

Prachak graduated with a masters degree from the New York Institute of Technology. He has taught a variety of students in both group and private settings, from complete beginners to conversational level Thai students.

Janet Lai

Cantonese Teacher

Janet taught for many years at NYU before coming to Hills Learning as a Cantonese language instructor. She has a masters from the University of Hong Kong and is a Hong Kong native speaker of Cantonese. 

Nobuko Allman

Japanese Teacher

Nobuko has a masters degree from the University of Arkansas and also a teaching certificate for teaching Japanese as a second language. She is also a licensed teacher in Japan. She has worked as an intrepreter, translator and Japanese teacher in both the private and public sectors for over 20 years.

Yuriko Yamaki

Japanese Teacher

Yuriko, a Tokyo native, graduated from Waseda University. She worked for a publishing company specializing in language educational materials and eventually published several books about language. She holds a Japanese teaching certificate and has been at Hills Learning for a number of years.

Mira Kim

Korean Teacher

Mira was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. She has a bachelor's degree from Ewha University and a master's degree from Ohio State. She has over 20 years teaching experience with various subjects, including dance and Korean. 

Yunhi Yu

Korean Teacher

Yunhi has unique experiences as a teacher, as she has taught both children and adults the Korean language. She has a bachelors from Duksung University in Korea and a masters degree from Syracuse. She has 7+ years teaching experience. 

Jariyaporn Udomsap

Thai Teacher

Jari has a bachelors degree from Thailand and holds a certificate for Thai to foreigners in person, as well as online. She has multiple years teaching experience and has also studied foreign languages herself, as such as Italian and French. 

Michael Chan

Cantonese Teacher

Michael received a bachelors degree in Iowa and a masters degree in Hong Kong. He is a Hong Kong native who can speak both Cantonese and Mandarin. He really enjoys teaching and has had various experiences over the past 20 years teaching students of all ages. 

Tess (Chin Fen) Lai

Chinese Teacher

Tess has a masters degree from National Taiwan University. She has been teaching Mandarin for 7 years and has been teaching both group and private lessons for all ages. 

Senna Zhao

Chinese Teacher

Senna has a bachelors degree from Zhanjiang Shifan University and a micro masters credential from MIT. Senna has had many professional experiences teaching at companies and also in a personal capacity. He teaches both group and private lessons at Hills Learning. 

Ryan Qi

Chinese Teacher

Ryan has a bachelors degree from China's Xuzhou Air Force Academy and a global certificate from NYU. Ryan has many years teaching experiences for all ages in the classroom. Since a young age he has been trained to speak like a news anchor with correct pronunciation and also has many years experience working in a Chinese magazine. 

Suk Mei Man

Cantonese Teacher

Suk Mei has a bachelors from NYU and a masters pending at the New School. Suk Mei is a Hong Kong native who enjoys teaching Cantonese. She has multiple years teaching experience and has also worked in education administration. 

Pimchanok Chaisuwan

Thai Teacher

Pim has a bachelors degree from Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand and from a very young age has always wanted to be a teacher. Pim teaches both private and group lessons at Hills Learning. 

Limei Bao

Chinese Teacher

Limei has a bachelors degree from Liaoning University in China and a masters degree from Tokyo International University in Japan. Limei has taught Chinese in various locations in Japan, and of course in New York. She speaks Japanese so is well aware of the challenges of learning a second (and third) language. 

June Lee

Korean Teacher

June has a bachelors degree from Korea and a masters from New York City. She has been teaching for over 10 years. She teaches both English and Korean as a second language, and is well aware of the nuances between both languages. 

Heliany Kay

Korean Teacher

Heliany graduated with a double major from Yonsei University. She is trilingual, speaking Korean, Portuguese and English. She has experiences teaching both Portuguese and Korean, and at Hills Learning she brings a unique trilingual perspective for language learning to her classes. 

Seonghae Jeon

Korean Teacher

Seonghae has both a bachelors and masters degree from Binghamton University in New York. She also has a certification in TEFL so is very familiar with language instruction and best practices for teaching Korean. 

Momoe Hirao

Japanese Teacher

Momoe has a bachelors degree from Kochi University in Japan and has a teaching license for teaching Japanese in Japan. She also has a certificate for teaching Japanese to foreigners. Momoe works also at MOMA in New York, as an assistant instructor. Momoe has been teaching Japanese for many years to all ages of students. 

Mana Kobuchi

Japanese Teacher

Mana has a bachelors from University of MA, a masters from School of International Training from VT, and a Phd from CUNY. She has a good 15 years experience teaching Japanese, including teaching JLPT and college courses, as well as teaching adults.

Porhatai Apirachadaporn

Thai Teacher

Porhatai has a bachelors from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand, a masters from Monash University in Australia, and a graduate diploma for teaching Thai as a foreign language. She has 6+ years teaching experience, teaching Thai as well as also teaching Mandarin Chinese. 

Ricardo Villa

Spanish Teacher

Ricardo has a masters degree from Bank Street College of New York in general and special bilingual education. He has many years teaching Spanish experience, as well as other subjects. Ricardo believes in teaching his students in a full immersion learning environment; using multiple intelligences approaches: linguistic, visual, musical, auditory, kinesthetic and interpersonal.

Warqaa Albakirat

Arabic Teacher

Warqaa has a bachelors degree from University of Babylon and has a masters degree pending at Emporia State University. Originally from Iraq, Warqaa is proficient in Egyptian, Levantine and the Iraqi dialects of Arabic (as well as MSA). She has many years teaching experience.